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About Me

I Believe

Education has the power to shape attitudes, lives, and ultimately, the world. This underlying belief has been the driving force behind all of my professional endeavors. As an educator and learner I value big questions and know their power to drive our innate desire to learn. Thorny, complex questions, such as “What do we believe about learning?" and “What do our students need to learn to be prepared for their future?" will help us define our goals and align our efforts as we work together to ensure all children have the skills, knowledge, habits, and purpose  they need to lead a fulfilled life.

My Focus

I am energized by my work with students, educators, families, and entrepreneurs. I’ve launched, and led innovative programs and schools, worked on public school reform, and collaborated with engineers and researchers in the design and implementation of a technology platform that supports student-centered learning. Practically speaking, that means I know how to build diverse and inclusive communities, lead and follow in complex organizations, and to do so while developing an innovative learning model. Specifically, I will work with your leaders to build and guide teams that successfully innovate and iterate. Working together we will empower your organization to adapt in order to drive projects from vision to implementation to success. 

Family and Fun

I am lucky to share the San Francisco Bay Area's beauty and rich culture with my family. When I am not working or volunteering with agencies serving children and families you can find me in art museums, farmer's markets, small concert venues,  independent book bookstores and playing with my Standard Poodles, Zander and Cooper.  

How We Can Work Together

School Design

Creating a school where all children learn is a complex task. I work with educators, parents, funders and other partners to design or redesign learning communities. 

Launching Innovation

I partner with schools introducing innovative learning experiences and transformative instructional practices.  I guide leaders to identify objectives and key results and coach teams and individuals through all phases of pilots and program launch.   

Public Speaking and Group Facilitation

Timely, clear and empathetic communication with stakeholders is a key element of successful school design and innovation. I help schools and organizations serving families align communication with mission, values and the market. I am also available to speak to educators, parents and policy makers on learning, innovation, social-emotional learning and learning differences. 

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